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I am advertising photographer & cinematographer/filmmaker specializing in creating exciting branded content and visuals for artists, brands and media. I have over eight years experience in capturing a wide range of photography and video content, including but not limited to branded content, beauty, editorial and commercial campaigns, short film campaigns, music videos, documentaries, trailers, short films and corporate promos.

I am a skilled photographer with experience in beauty and editorial photography and filmmaker with experience in managing schedules, crew and cast lists, organizing equipment, supplies & staff and overseeing post production for feature and short films.

I approach my work very proactively, with mindset of a collaborator and problem solver, whilst always keeping the creative concept at the core of the process, ensuring that it is brought to life in the best possible way. Having a will to put in extra hours of work when needed and ability to perform well in team environments I adept in multitasking and delivering multiple projects ahead of deadlines and under pressure.


- Delivered the visuals as photographer of commercial "Set Smooth Again" starring A$AP Rocky, produced by Javier Alejandro for clients Klarna and Caviar;

- Being part of the production team of feature documentary film "LIFE IN A DAY" 2020, produced by Ridley Scott, directed by Kevin Macdonald and distributed by National Geographic Society and YouTube; one of the biggest crowdsourced documentary films stated to premiere at Sundance Film Festival 2021;

- Delivered the visuals as cinematographer and the concept as director of the first Teen Web Series produced by the most successful Bulgarian online streaming platform vBox7 Channel, owned by NOVA TV;

- Developed and delivered the original creative concepts for stage and artists’ performances for “Your Face Sounds Familiar” Season 5, the Bulgarian version of the series;

- Developed and delivered the original creative concepts for stage and artists’ performances for “X-Factor Bulgaria” Season 5;

- Developed the concept as creative director of the number one Bulgarian hit record “Antilopa”, which has more than 25 million views on YouTube;

- Developed in 2019 one of the most successful Photography exhibitions in Sofia with more than 5K visitors at the opening night.


-   Member of Filmauthor since 2017: Film Author is the Bulgarian organization for collective management of authors’ and producers’ rights in audiovisual works.



- 2021 delivered the campaign visuals as BTS photographer of commercial "Set Smooth Again" starring A$AP Rocky, produced by Javier Alejandro for clients Klarna and Caviar;

2021 started working as photographer & cinematographer for B2Y productions, one of the fastest growing film and media production company in Sofia for creative development and production of video content;

2020 signed contract in feature documentary film “LIFE IN A DAY" 2020, produced by Ridley Scott, directed by Kevin Macdonald, edited by Nse Asuquo, Mdhamiri A Nkemi and Sam Rice-Edwards, distributed by National Geographic Society and YouTube;

- 2020 started working as Beauty and Editorial Photographer for Fifth Models Agency, one of the fastest growing agencies in the Spanish territory for Models, Artists & Actors based in Barcelona and Madrid specializing in Fashion, Advertisement & Acting sectors;

2019 worked as Camera operator of drama Feature Film “Evie Rose”, produced by“Mother & Daughter Entertainment”, directed by Elizabeth Blake – Thomas; United Kingdom – United States co-production;

2019 worked as DP of Web Series “Across The Pond”, produced by “Mother & Daughter Entertainment”, directed by Elizabeth Blake – Thomas, starring famous British actress Victoria Summer; British – Los Angeles co-production;

2018 signed a contract as Commercial and Music video DP and Director in label “Adamand”; one of the biggest and most successful labels in Bulgaria;

2018 signed a contract as Commercial and Music video DP for “Facing The Sun”; leading producing company in Bulgaria for Artist Management and Digital Copyright;

2017 signed a contract as Film Director and Cinematographer for “NET INFO”, company owned by the biggest private Bulgarian television – NOVA TV, to direct and create the visuals for the first Teen Web Series produced for the most successful Bulgarian online streaming platform vBox7 Channel;

2017 invited to be content creator and co-director at the TV show "X-Factor"; the Bulgarian version of The X-Factor series;

2017 invited to work as 1st AD and content creator of the TV show "Your Face Sounds Familiar"; the Bulgarian version of the series;

2016 signed a contract as 2nd AD for label “Adamand”; one of the biggest labels in Bulgaria;

2015 found and created own entertainment Production Company "25th Frame"; 

2015 started working as 1st AC and Behind The Scenes video creator for "Screenbrothers";

2014 started working as PA for "Screenbrothers"; one of the leading Production Companies based in Sofia, Bulgaria, focused in developing commercials;

2013 started working as 2nd AC for cinematographer Anton Bakarski; Director of Photography known for “The Expendables” 2 and “The Expendables” 3, “300: Rise of an Empire” and “Conan the Barbarian”;

2010 signed a contract as fashion photographer and cinematographer for “Studio Karkelanov”; a producing company created by famous Playboy photographer Vassil Karkelanov, producing music videos, commercials and concerts in various conceptual areas and styles;

2009 invited as assistant photographer to one ofthe most famous Playboy photographers for Bulgaria.


Kevin Macdonald – Director best known for “Touching the Void”, “Whitney”, “The Last King of Scotland”,“Life in a day" 2010, “Life in a day" 2020 and more;

Jack Arbuthnott – Producer and Director best known for “Life in a day" 2020, “India in a day”, “Spain in a day”, “The Aftermath” and more;

- Marcia Gay – First Unit Assistant Director known for “Gravity”, “Blade Runner 2049”, “Game of Thrones”, “Death Wish” 3 and more;

- Enrico Tessarin – Producer and Executive Producer known for “The Habit of Beauty”, “He Who Dares”, “The Knot” and more;

- Loris Curci – Film and TV Producer and Writer known for “Welcome to Acapulco”, “Nightworld”, “Girl Next” and more;

- Magarditch Halvadjian – Film and TVProducer known for “Havana Darkness”, “The X Factor Bulgaria”, “Your Face Sounds Familiar”, “The Masked Singer: Bulgaria”, “Seven Hours Difference” and more;

- Valeri Milev – Director and Writer known for “Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort”, “We Die Young”, “Code Red”.

During my years of professional experience and training I directed innovative stories and concepts for multiple platforms; direct and shot as cinematographer numerous music videos, commercials, short films and series. I managed creative projects from concept to completion, converted ideas into concrete tasks and developed high impact projects such as trailers and promo videos; developed network of professionals and directed the work of up to 20 crew members, set and controlled budgets for projects; broke down scripts, shotlists and location plans into budgets and schedules with Movie Magic Software; supervised post-production processes, including editing and color grading.


LIFE IN A DAY (Scott Free Productions & YouTube): working closely and in direct communication with producers, director and editors; working in the service of the directors' vision; assessing vast amount of submitted footage from across the worldt and consider it for inclusion in LIFE IN A DAY 2020; advocate on behalf of chosen footage; evolve reviewing based on directors' vision and editors' directions, strong understanding how footage work and be put together in the final film; breaking down the component parts of material – character, narrative potential, cinematography and sound.

- Adamand (cinematographer, director, content creator, assistant director):Worked and collaborated with various film industry professionals including agents, producers, directors and editors on different projects. Wrote, direct and shot music videos, web series and stories for projects of the company. Assisted the CEO and the other creative directors in reaching their artistic vision forthe project, converted ideas into concrete tasks and developed high-impact creative projects from concept to completion. Directed the work of up to 15 crew members, set and controlled budgets for projects; read, understood and brokedown scripts, shot lists and location plans into budgets and schedules with Movie Magic Software. Supervised the post-production process, includingediting and color correction.

- Nova TV & 7talents (director, cinematographer): Participated in all stages of the filmmaking process from the scriptwriting and pre-production to the final edit and release; worked closely with executive producers to develop a vision for the projects; worked with actors; gave detailed instructions to all members of the film crew.

- Global Films (content creator, co-director): Wrote content for the TV shows "X-Factor” Bulgaria, season 5 and "Your Face Sounds Familiar” Bulgaria, season 5. Managed stage performances of the artists and worked collaboratively with the director.

- 25th Frame (CEO, producer, director, commercial photographer):Independently created more than 20 videos from start to finish; communicating with new and current clients.

- Karkelanov Studio (fashion photographer, cinematographer): Shot various photo sessions, music videos and concerts for the company as cinematographer and photographer; shot as camera operator live streamed concerts for the company as well as the TV show "Confidential" (for NOVA TV).


- 2018 accepted to study for Producing & Production Management Certificate degree in the “LondonFilm Academy” in London, studying film producing and Movie Magic Budgeting & Scheduling;

- 2016 accepted to study for Filmmaking Diploma degree in one of the prestigious film academies in England - the “London Film Academy” in London, studying film directingand producing;

- 2012 accepted to study for Bachelor degree in the first and most prestigious film academy in Bulgaria - the “National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts” in Sofia, with cinematography;

- 2008 accepted for one year Photography Diploma in the most prestigious film academy in Bulgaria - the“National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts” in Sofia with a 99% high score in film photography theory.


- Prof. Jan Harlan:  Producer known for “A Clockwork Orange”, “Eyes Wide Shut”, “The Shining”, “Barry Lyndon” and more;

- Prof. Marcia Gay: MMB and MMS theory teacher in the “London Film Academy”; First Unit Assistant Director known for “Gravity”, “Blade Runner 2049”, “Game of Thrones”, “Death Wish” 3 and more.

During my early years of training I had to learn a lot about theory, techniques, equipment, cameras, lighting, composition, and all the rest of film theory classes and practice that made me understand the language that film and photography is deeply and throughly. Picking up different cameras, lenses, lights, colors and techniques made me lean a lot into creating original visual content. Through my years of educations I have also developed professional skills working with Movie Magic Budgeting and Scheduling software and I have been intensivley prepared for working with low and medium budget projects. I have developed a high standard of technical skills in working with RED cameras and being taught by many mentors and teachers that inspired me even more to continue my progress in filmmaking and photography.


2020: “LIFE IN A DAY” 2020 – Feature Documentary Film (Sundance 2021)

2019: “Across The Pond” – Web Mini Series (drama/dark comedy) (in post-production)

2018: “Follow Me” Season 2 – Teen Web Series (drama) 3,977,650 views

2017: “Follow Me” Season 1 – Teen Web Series (drama) 2,709,016 views

2017: TITA – Kusai – Music Video 22,863,958 views

2017: TITA – Antilopa – Music Video 27,240,376 views 



“LIFE IN A DAY" 2020 – feature documentary film (reviewer, London production)

"Evie Rose" - feature fiction movie (drama) (camera operator, London production)


"Across The Pond" - Web Mini Series (drama/dark comedy) (cinematographer, London production)

“Follow Me” Season 2 – Teen Web Series (drama) (director)

“Follow Me” Season 1 – Teen Web Series (drama) (cinematographer)


"X-Factor Bulgaria": Season 5 (content creator, co-director)

"Your Face Sounds Familiar": Season 5 (content creator)


“Nazanin's morning” - short film (drama) (cinematographer, London production)

“Inside out” - short film (drama) (director, cinematographer)

“Faces from Istanbul” - short documentary (cinematographer, Istanbul production)

“Nobody is guilty” - short film (drama) (cinematographer)

“Missing part“ - short film (drama) (director, cinematographer)

“In vitro” - short documentary (cinematographer)

“All About Love” - short film (drama) (cinematographer)

“Sheriat” - short film (drama) (cinematographer) 


A$AP Rocky & Klarna (behind the scenes still photographer)

Midea - Polar Bear (behind the scenes still photographer)

Valorant - Anthem Video Riot (behind the scenes still photographer)

Gold Bond - Euphemisms (behind the scenes still photographer)

Gold Bond - Chesemonger (behind the scenes still photographer)

Gold Bond - Ballin' (behind the scenes still photographer)

Aspercreme - Warriors (behind the scenes still photographer)

Aspercreme - Spies (behind the scenes still photographer)

Renault Kangoo - Pass The Door (behind the scenes still photographer)

CBD Company – Stories (cinematographer)

Ritual Gatherings - Free Spirit (director, cinematographer)

CONVERSE - Chuck Taylor (director, cinematographer)

BOB Mobile Operator - Save Your Parents (cinematographer)

Nescafe - 3 in 1 (cinematographer)

Nedelya The Cake Company - Nedelya Natural Raw Chocolate (cinematographer)

Nedelya The Cake Company - Nedelya Natural Honey Yogurt (cinematographer)

Nedelya The Cake Company - Nedelya Natural Apricot (cinematographer)

Vivacom - X-MAS Playstation (2nd AD)

Vivacom - X-MAS Galaxy (2nd AD)

Vivacom - X-MAS Lenovo (behind the scenes director)

Vivacom - X-MAS Tablets (behind the scenes director)

DZI Bank - Property (behind the scenes director)

Societe Generale Express Bank - Loan on Time (behind the scenes director)

Kamenitza - To Chicago and Back (behind the scenes director)

Kamenitza - Not a Drop of False (behind the scenes director)

Mr. Bricolage - 15 Years Birthday (2nd camera unit)

Agrita Briz - Lemonade (director, cinematographer) 


The Holly Trinity - F***k That Crisis (director)

Ellysha – Chasing Dreams (producer, director, cinematographer)

TITA – Antilopa (1st AD, developed creative idea)

TITA – Kusai (2nd AD)

Geri Vu - New To The Team (director, cinematographer)

NDOE & Sava - Always Me (director, cinematographer)

Hilda Kazasyan - Waters of March (cinematographer)

Hilda Kazasyan - Is You Were Here (cinematographer)

ONE SHOT - The King of Chaos (cinematographer)

Toto - Friday Night (creative director; cinematographer)

FeeL - Enough is Enough (producer, creative director, cinematographer)

Alex P - Down For Whatever (executive producer, director, cinematographer)

Alex P - Mouse Trap (cinematographer)

No More Many More - I Can't Sleep (producer, director, cinematographer)

No More Many More - This Way Or Another (cinematographer)

Svetozar Christov - The Eternal Girl (cinematographer)

Krista - Incomplete (cinematographer)
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